Hirono Kimura, Bartender Outback Steakhouse, Kobe, Japan

  "My Boss learned that I was visiting California to visit my brother and decided that I should take a bartending course because none of us really understood how to use a western bar in Japan.  My company paid for my tuition and paid me to be in the U.S. for the two weeks during your class.  I really loved your classes.  I want to go to your school again.  Your class was really fun and I could understand easily.  You always explained simply.  I really enjoyed.  Thank you very much." 


Jordan, Thank you for your vital contributions before the launch of SKYY "O",  our Orange Infused Vodka!  It was great having you on board for the final tasting round of the last six prototype flavors.  Your input was invaluable!


Robert S. , National Casino, General Manager

"If you want to be fully confident in your skills and knowledge and if you want to be able to make money right away, this is where you need to go. "

Anthony Gonzalez, Bartender

 "Thank you for making the course what it is, a hands-on course taught by a real bartender, not that fake internet stuff but actual hands-on learning! After finishing your course I went for my 1st interview. I walked out with the job. With your tips and knowledge you gave me I am now the bar manager within 4 days of being hired. The previous manager was caught drinking on the job, something you told us never to do. I made my tuition back in 3 days off tips alone. Thanks again!" 

Rachelle Claudio, Bartender

 "Everything was perfect...the drills, the people, the lesson, and especially the humor. This course was both fun and challenging." 

Helen Park, Bartender

 "The job is going real well. I just got promoted to the best shifts during the week-yesterday I rang a little over four thousand. I love my job and I think going to your school was the best career move I've made thus far in my life..."