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Prior to joining the Pacific Bartending School, Jordan was the founding instructor at the San Francisco School of Bartending. Jordan was also instrumental in developing the curriculum at that school – the same curriculum that is used and has been expanded on at the Pacific Bartending School.

Read what students had to say about their experiences


"I am the General Manager of one of the nation's largest mobile casino party rental companies and our owners decided to open a mobile bartending and food service staffing company.  In order to be able to run the day-to-day tasks, I needed to have the very BEST bartending education i could find.  Master Bartender Jordan Miller was the perfect instructor for our needs and we will be sending ALL of our new recruits to him for training.

Jordan has a knowledge base so broad and extensive that no one in Southern California can match. (No one that we interviewed was able to even come close to him, at all.) The man has DONE it at the highest levels and he is an excellent communicator, as well.  Once Jordan shows you his techniques, you are able to easily remember them and apply them in the real world.  Here, you spend time making the most popular drinks perfectly and developing the habits of accuracy and speed.  No time is wasted on things that won't help you, or developing bad habits that will hurt you later.

If you want to be fully confident in your skills and knowledge  and if you want to be ablt to make money right away, this is where you need to go.

Robert S.

"Since I am a teacher, I have studied curriculum extensively. I think you have done a very good job developing your curriculum and the instructor was excellent."
  - Kathe Welch, Graduate, Pacific Bartending School

"Thanks for allowing us to step over the bar to see the other side of working as a bartender.  Being a bartender is a powerful position, and the tools you've given the graduates of your school can further launch them into successful, rewarding careers..."
  - Christa McNally, SKYY Vodka-- Assistant Brand Manager

"The instructor went through the whole process of being a bartender. Everything I've wished for were in these two weeks."
  - Jarrod Tam, Graduate, Pacific Bartending School.

"The job is going real well. I just got promoted to the best shifts during the week-yesterday I rang a little over four thousand. I love my job and I think going to your school was the best career move I've made thus far in my life..."
  - Helen Park, Graduate, Pacific Bartending School.


"Thank you for making the course what it is, a hands-on course taught by a real bartender, not that fake internet stuff but actual hands-on learning! After finishing your course I went for my 1st interview. I walked out with the job. With your tips and knowledge you gave me I am now the bar manager within 4 days of being hired. The previous manager was caught drinking on the job, something you told us never to do. I made my tuition back in 3 days off tips alone. Thanks again!"


- Anthony Gonzalez, Graduate, Pacific Bartending School

"I really loved your classes.  I want to go to your school again.  Your class was really fun and I could understand easily.  You always explained simply.  I really enjoyed.  Thank you very much."


  - Hirono Kimura, Outback Steakhouse Kobe, Japan.  Graduate Pacific Bartending School.

"The teaching system combined with Jordan's experience is unbeatable."
  - Matt McKenzie, Graduate, Pacific Bartending School

"Everything was perfect...the drills, the people, the lesson, and especially the humor. This course was both fun and challenging."
  - Rachelle Claudio, Graduate, Pacific Bartending School.



"I can safely say that I've learned and valued what I've gotten from your two weeks of instruction more than any seminar, lecture or studio course I've taken in the past three years.  I appreciate your sense of humor and willingness to gernerously teach us what you know of your trade.  I understand the best comes from experience, but there's less fear now for me to dive in and work toward where I want to, eventually, be."

- Nicole Yamagawa, Graduate, Pacific Bartending School

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