Welcome to the Pacific Bartending School, America's premier bartending school, specializing in the training and certification of aspiring bartenders. Certification from the Pacific Bartending School is recognized by the hospitality industry nationwide. If you want to learn to bartend properly and profitably, then the Pacific Bartending School is the school for you.

"Let us help you realize your fullest potential in this exciting and lucrative industry!"

Although bartending is not always looked upon as a career occupation, bartending is an extremely well paying vocation. Bartenders can make more money working only a couple of nights a week than most professionals do working a full-time job.


You can work when you want and anywhere you want. It's also comforting to know that should you suddenly find yourself short of cash, unemployed, or moving to another state or country you can always bank on bartending.

Our comprehensive course is designed to provide students with thorough training in all areas of bartending. The course is structured for those who have had little or no prior experience in the beverage service industry as well as for those who wish to expand their current knowledge.

So, whether you are pursuing a career in bartending or just picking up a new skill, you simply cannot find a better learning environment or job resource than the Pacific Bartending School.


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